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Lollipop Lu
Illustrator TBC
Published by Midnight Sun Publishing

When Lollipop Lu arrives in the busy town of Busselton Downs, she really shakes things up with her razzle dazzle dance moves on the crossing to school. Intrigued by Lu’s zest for life, Connie starts dancing too and encourages others to join in.

But not everyone is impressed.

Will the residents of Busselton Downs run Lu out of town? Or will Connie help them recognise the benefits of putting a bit of boogie into every day?

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Now licensed to Five Mile Press

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Milo's Little Secret
Illustrated by Gabriella Petruso
Published by Larrikin House 2021

When Milo doesn't come home after dark, his humans soon realise he's missing!

With the whole neighbourhood on the hunt for the beloved pet, it becomes clear that little Milo has been keeping a very sneaky secret.

Can you guess what it might be?



Hot Diggety Dog! Tales from the Bark Side Anthology
Story: Whack!
Published by 
Anthology Angels 2023

Anthology Angels chooses a new theme and charity each year and proceeds from the book are donated to not for profit organisations who provide support to our local or international community.

About: Resume

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