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Welcome to my page and thank you for taking an interest. 

If anything inspires you to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

A little bit about me...

Rebecca is a self-confessed story hoarder. Not only is her bedroom filled with ‘soon-to-be-read’ books that keep disappearing underneath piles of more ‘soon-to-be-read’ books, but she’s also managed to find a career where she can collect stories all the time!

Writing for children began when she decided to jot down a few ideas for her three little darlings who demanded made up stories before bed... every night.

Rebecca loves to laugh and hates cold weather.

Her favourite thing about travelling the world (when that sort of caper is allowed) is to sample local foods she’s never heard of. That interest began at the age of 3, when her Mum caught her munching on a snail by the compost heap.

She hopes to engage children of all ages and abilities in the adventures of storytelling.

For those wanting to know a little more...

RALFE Rebecca.jpg

Rebecca's passion for writing began at an early age, but her diverse family and love of travel gave her an intense fascination with culture, leading to a career in anthropology.

What is anthropology?

Not the study of bugs – that’s entomology.

Not the study of bones – that’s archaeology.

Rebecca studies people, with a particular focus on culture. Much like storytelling, anthropology offers understandings of different perspectives by challenging conventional knowledge and revealing other world views.

Rebecca rediscovered a love of picture books when she had children of her own. She loves books that are fun and have different layers of meaning hidden within.

Aside from writing, Rebecca has also worked as an advisor in various sectors, such as assisting university students in China seeking to study overseas and designing culture curriculum content and policy.

She is passionate about bridging the gap in understanding Australia’s rich indigenous cultures. She recently returned to work as an anthropologist in the lush tropical surrounds of Cape York where she is busy discovering many incredible stories.

writing achievements

2021 Shortlist, Writers Unleashed Picture Book Competition
2021 Third Place, CYA Conference, Aspiring Writers Preschool Category
2021 Published debut picture book, Milo's Little Secret, Larrikin House

2020 Shortlist, Creative Kids Tales Writing Competition

2020 Longlist, Just Write for Kids Pitch It! Competition
2020 Shortlist & Highly Commended, Book Links Mentorship Award
2020 Shortlist, First 5 Forever: Stories for Little Queenslanders Picture Book Competition
2020 Longlist, in Greenleaf Buds Picture Book Manuscript Competition

2019 Shortlist and Honorable Mention, Jackie Hoskings' Spring Competition
2019 Longlist, CBCA NSW Aspiring Writers Mentorship Award
2019 Recipient of a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) travel grant to attend the CBCA NSW Aspiring Writers Mentorship Award ceremony
2019 Recipient of a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) travel grant to attend the CYA Conference

2018 Scholarship from KidLitVic to attend 2019 conference in Melbourne
2018 First Place, Jackie Hoskings' Spring Competition

2018 Longlist, Greenleaf Buds Picture Book Manuscript Competition

2017 Recipient of a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant to assist in the illustration and production of a book series

Milo arrives
Milo arrives
Butterflies in the garden
Collecting firewood
Rescue turtle at Fitzroy Island
My backyard
My backyard
CBCA AWMP Award Night

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